Update on the new Birdhouse Project 2007

Start of the Birdhouse Project, Hiroshima Secretariat

The works of the 8th Birdhouse Exhibition "Space Designer-Designed Birdhouse 2" were completed.
The volunteers from Japan and U.S.A got together in White Sands National Monument in New Mexico for shooting. As it's name suggests, the sand was as white as snow. And the shooting ran very smoothly. Now we are about to start work on a booklet with the photographs taken in White Sands.

Participating Artists

M. Adams<USA>

A. Serkan Anilir

Olga Bannova


Maria Joao Durao

Cecilia Hertz

Arturo Vittori

Andreas Vogler

Seichi Onobori

Akito Sogame

The Birdhouse Project Exhibition was held
in Shanghai World Financial Center.

Our concept, "The earth is our nest", is accepted in Shanghai where will hold China's first International Exhibition " World Expo 2010 Shanghai".
The World Expo 2010 Shanghai concentrating on human-oriented activities, innovative technology and multi-cultural concepts to demonstrate a harmonious society based on the theme "Better city - Better Life", will become the basis of environmental protection and biological concept to urban planning. On this stage, we "Birdhouse Project", are planning to bring out the collaborating activities between China and the rest of the world. As a first step, we will hold the first Exhibition "Birdhouse Project in Shanghai" in fall 2008 in Shanghai World Financial Center which concepts are "mixed-use vertical city" and "harmony with nature and people". The landmark tower with 101 stories and 492 meters tall which will become a new base of earth-conscious network. The amazing "Birdhouse" will be appeared by collaboration between world's well-known creators, artists and elementary, junior-high,high, and college students.

A rendering of Shanghai World Financial Center
ref: a brochure of Shanghai World Financial Center

These photographs were taken in the building under construction with professors of Birdhouse project in Shanghai committee.<april.2007>

Start of the Birdhouse Project, Hiroshima Secretariat

There is a great opportunity for new Birdhouse Project activities in Hiroshima, Japan.
Mr. Shintaro DOI will be the secretariat administrator.

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#zip 733-0002
phone +81(0)82-238-4433
fax +81(0)82-238-8889

Update on the new
Birdhouse Project 2006