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Update on the new Birdhouse Project 2006

A DVD video introducing the Birdhouse Project works and activities has been created and screened at the event venues. The DVD is structured into two parts. The first part provides an outline of activities and the second part mainly focuses on the Birdhouse works. The DVDs are on sale for 1000 yen. If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact the Birdhouse Project Secretariat on:

Some previews of the video
(Quick Time movie)

DVD video
"The earth is our nest"

The Birdhouse Project was nominated for the Lohas Design Week 2006 and participated in the event. The Birdhouse Project was awarded a special prize and participated in various ways including exhibiting works. The event was held at the Marunouchi Building in Tokyo (Special Exhibition Space on the first floor) and at the Nippon Television Building.

Lohas Design Week 2006 (Lohas Design Award 2006)
Dates: June 2nd to 6th 2006 (Fri to Tue)
* The exhibition ran for four days (2nd to 5th, Fri to Mon)
Event host: Lohas Design Award 2006 Secretariat
Operating body: Lohas Club (a limited liability intermediate corporation)
Special sponsor: Ministry of Environment
Cosponsors: J-Wave/ Yomiyuri Shimbun/ SOTOKOTO Monthly

Nippon Television Building

Staff members

The 8th Birdhouse Exhibition once again selected "space designers". Over the past 10 years construction of the International Space Station has been in progress and even talk of space tourism has appeared in the news. The discussion of space is becoming less NASA orientated. Around the world, there are scientists, technologists, and artists who think about humans living in space. From a diversity of nationality, gender, and cultural background, a wide range of concepts and fresh ideas are emerging. Once more we welcome an international selection of talent from whose wisdom and sensibility we search for clues for what can strengthen connection between humans and nature.

Constance M. Adams

A. Serkan Anilir

Olga Bannova

Annalisa Dominoni

Maria Joao Durao

Cecilia Hertz

Arturo Vittori

Andreas Vogler

Seichi Onobori


To Portugal to meet with Maria Joao Durao

Akito Sogame


To Sweden to meet with Cecilia Hertz

There is now greater opportunity for new Birdhouse Project activities in Beijing.
Wang Guoer of the Beijing Industrial Design Center will be the secretariat administrator.
Organization for the Birdhouse Project East Asia Summit that will be held in spring 2007 is already well under way.

The Birdhouse Project China logo

Update on the new
Birdhouse Project 2007