Birdhouses Created By Students

Global Environment Design Plan for the 21st Century

The Birdhouses By Students project has the objective of implanting a high awareness of the future of our environment to the students who are involved in creating the birdhouses. It is of a nature that goes beyond the sphere of universities and departments. The exchange among students with different ideas, thinking processes, and educational backgrounds will certainly yield opportunities for creating new environmental concepts of the future, going beyond current paradigms. The production of birdhouses by universities and research groups on an international scale, as well as inter-student joint exhibits, lectures and workshops are featured. The Birdhouses By Students probes new social, industrial, technological, and cultural images. A comprehensive inter-student exchange and joint research is promoted. The driving force in creating a Utopia for the 21st Century consists of enjoyable curiosity, free concepts, and a benevolent outlook towards humanity and nature.