Space Designers-Designed Birdhouses


Annalisa Dominoni
Marina Sommella Grossi

Constance M. Adams

Arturo Vittori
Andreas Vogler

Mr. VIttori is a world-famous architect and a designer of airplane cabins. Mr. Vogler teaches Space architecture for Space stations and manned Mars missions at Munich Polytech. They jointly se up 'Architecture + Vision', in 2003 and began to utilize and enced technology and ideas of airplane and space industry for industrial design. Their 'Desert Seal', a tent which, with its solar cells, keeps the temperature inside comfortably warm even at a desert is shown in MoMA, mecca of modern art.

Cecilia Hertz

Olga K. Bannova

The BirdHouse 'BH' is a design made by invitation@of the Japanese Birdhouse Foundation, who invites designers to come up with designs for BH. The BH is regarded as a symbol for the interaction of humans and nature. Our vision was to make the transition between Earth and sky. The architecture for it developped through the design process. Next to protecting the nests from wind and sun, the sail is turning the structure into the wind and thus reducing drag. The nests are hold up into the sky by a carbon fibre mast. The base to hold the mast has been designed to make the transition from vertical space to horizontal space. A hand-made piece of pottery is leading the mast onto its wooden base, which has been milled from an old piece of beech wood. Fold-out leaves provide stability against tipping in strong winds. Five 2m long rods bend into the landscape,@slowly rocking in the air movements near ground. They hold one spherical light at each end. The lights are powered by solar cells, which charge batteries during the day. The lights go on as soon as it becomes dark.Over the sail rain and condensation water is collected, which can be soaked up by the terra-cotta vase and flow into the wooden@leaves. From there it can evaporate and create a comfortable micro-climate.One of the most poetic aspects of the BH is actually the play of the elements of nature. The wind, which moves the structure, the light, which plays on it. Especially at night, when the five circular lights go on and the moonlight is reflected by the sail.

Serkan Anilir

Seiichi Onobori

Akito Sogame

Celine Lauriere

Arturo Vittori
Andreas Vogler
Celine Lauriere

Maria Joao Durao
Margarida Dias
Joana Perry C. Carvalho
Joao Nuno de Carvalho Pernao