Space Designer-Designed Birdhouses


Phil Hawes

Pat Rawlings

Marc Cohen

Marc Cohen was born in New York City and grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut. At Princeton University, he majored in Architecture and Urban Planning. He received his professional degree in Architecture from Columbia University. Marc found a job at NASA-Ames Research Center in the Facilities Engineering Branch. Then he joined the Space Human Factors Office to work on the Space Station. Mark attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, receiving the Doctor of Architecture. He works as a Team Leader in Space Projects Division.

Larry Bell

Many birds are architects in their own right, building their own nests, and in some cases reusing or rebuilding the same nest year after year. Perhaps no bird exemplifies this behavior better than those swallows that build their mud-daubed nests under the shelter of human architecture. I visited several bird sanctuaries, looking for evidence of how these birds prefer to live. I believe I will select a house for a swallow -- or multiple swallows.

Thomas W.Garvey

Marc Cohen

David Nixon

Brand Griffin